I feel a little background information is always a good place to start, so here in this video you can learn how many bands of Spanish Mustangs are left in the United States. The herds are small now and there is no concern by the government of the heritage of these horses. Paying attention to how many they are removing from the herds also tells a story of the disregard for lines of the Spanish Mustang to be destroyed….forever. It is in our hands to protect them, mother nature can take care of the herds but man’s constant interference has created a no win situation for the Mustangs. They take the mares away from the foals and sell them to slaughter; the foals will not survive alone. The stallions that carry the Spanish DNA are being removed and destroyed. This didn’t just start today……this has been happening for years now. Your help is needed to get the word out to as many people as possible to improve the chances for changes that are needed in our legislation. More on the legality of what is happening in our government… who is caring for the Mustangs; namely the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) ┬áin my next post, at one time they were protected but sadly not anymore.