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So the Christmas holiday is over and I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends. Although through the busyness of the celebrations I never once forgot about my page;  I found myself stressing over the news of the slaughter plant opening in New Mexico.  It didn’t matter if it was the holidays….I carried on with making phone calls to the New Mexico governor who has the power to stop the opening of the slaughter house. The United States cannot allow this to happen, we cannot allow the inhumane treatment of our wild ones and companions. They are not only the horses that are old, sick, or already dying; they are healthy, beautiful animals that are being slaughtered for money. There are now lawsuits that have been filed to stop horse slaughter in New Mexico (see links below), and time is running out for thousands of wild horses. I for one cannot even look at any videos let alone even reading about what the horses go through on their way to slaughter, from my understanding they are awake when they are being slaughtered due to the ineffective means that are used to knock them out unconscious. Like I said, I cannot look at the videos but have read enough to know that there is NO HUMANE WAY TO SLAUGHTER HORSES. So I continue to fight along with the other intelligent, compassionate humans that know that every little bit helps when it comes to stopping this inhumane practice. The fight is long and not easy, but without our help the wild ones will be gone……forever.