So you think they are safe?

Its already Febuary 4, 2014. The wild mustangs are reportedly a mere 25,000 left on 41 million acres of Federal land according to the HSUS. The last update concerning their slaughter; slaughter has been halted by the Farm Bill that recently passed in the Senate. And so you think they are safe? Did you know that now instead of being slaughtered here in the United States they continue to be shipped out of the country to Mexico and Canada? Its a fact that cannot be ignored. This is why it is so important to keep helping our contacts in other countries that are trying to stop slaughter in their countries. It justifiably is the most compelling reason to not stop bringing this into the light and exposing what is happening to Equines and the beloved Mustangs everywhere in the world.
The horrific practice of slaughtering horses for export to Europe is a shameful state of affairs…….so shameful that those that are kill buyers need to be put out of business. It is wonderful that slaughter houses have been stopped from opening in the U.S.,…….when does the slaughter stop in other countries? When do the Mustangs and Burros really find protection? So many open-ended questions, and so many of them still being removed from their homes in Bureau of Land Management roundups. Thousands of wild mustangs crowded into holding pens, with no shelter and only a death sentence. They are torn apart from their families, mares separated from their colts, only the cold harsh winter wind greets them each day. Long gone are their days of rolling in the grass, swimming in the lakes, and grazing on the Federal land that was given to them….only to be taken away from them. Never give up the fight for freedom, their freedom.

images (3)mustang