Sad Thoughts, Truth and Bewilderment

The Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act is a joke now a mere shadow of its former self, New amendments for the conveniences of removing the horses instead of protection. The Bureau of Land Management, political wizards of non-compliance; not telling the truth to the public or escorting America’s proud and free Wild Horses and Burros through back door slaughter agenda’s…..admitting it and then not even an apology to the tax payers that pay for the horses and put food on all those tables of BLM employees….the ranchers too, a part of the political big ag money making machine. What a shame that our Wild Horses and Burros are caught literally …..and subjected to this; removed from freedom to make room for more welfaring cattle, sheep, and birds. No, we don’t have anything against those animals, but hoarding the land for the livestock industry at the cost of OUR Wild Horses and Burros lives is not only wrong but disgusting. So not only has the management not changed in over 40+ Years, but the management has gotten even more cruel, the black magic bag contains their fondest wishes to come true at last; outright slaughter, sterilizations, and non-producing herds in their future. America’s Wild Horses and Burros, extinction is on its way. The West will no longer be the frontier it once was, no Wild Horses will reside there……spayed, gelded herds, will eventually die off. And then? One Happy Bureau of Land Management; the people we have all been paying millions to; to kill OUR WILD HORSES. God Bless America’s Wild Horses and Burros.