What a beautiful word. To me it possesses everything that I truly love passionately in my life ; the lives that are denied love or comfort in this material world of ours. Often we see daily now people who need our compassion, to understand them, to help them, and even save them from all types of atrocities. The animals, so many of them neglected, abused, thrown away like everyday garbage unworthy of anyones love or attention. Today I am thinking about how compassion has a place in the lives of the 100,000 Wild Horses and Burros the Bureau of Land Management has proposed to kill. Honestly in my wildest dreams I never thought that in such a civilized country; this agency would even suggest killing these majestic animals. Stripped of their Freedom to make room for cattle and sheep; and now they must die? How un-compassionate can one get you ask? well they certainly are going to set a fine example for American youth now won’t they. Now… can say allot for compromises and personally I think that Americans have been very patient with the agency; they are known for their lies concerning the Wild Horse population for so long now it fly’s past the average person as a truth. The numbers they put out on AML (appropriate management levels) is so ridiculous that you have to sit back and just laugh in dismay at just how stupid they really think we are. In fact there is no humor in the ridiculousness; for me only profound sadness; because they want these animals off of public land no matter what it takes. That in itself is sad when you think about the West; how we began this country on their backs. All Americans must be heard on this issue, whether you are compassionate or not……do you believe in doing what is right? in our opinion and our compassion the right thing to do is give these horses back their land that was taken away. Wild Horses use only 10% of the nations public land resources, the cattle industry ranchers takes the rest.

Now that you know that; isn’t it right?