Captured to be Killed


As I write again today concerning Our American Wild Horses; I am constantly reminded of their possible death sentences. How the Bureau of Land Management wants to kill them all after hauling them off of their rightful lands, and to destroy not protect. Their intentions have never been to return them, the intentions have been clear that the tearing apart of the 1971 Wild and Free Roaming Act also has been indicative to disassembling their protections to slowly but surely deplete legal laws and acts that would hold them responsible for their extinction. So that they could kill. When you begin by killing 100,000 animals and render the rest of them sterilized, that is extinction. There will be no more wild horses once the sterilized horses or burros die off on the ranges. The Bureau of Land Managements Extinction Recipe for Wild Horses and Burros must never come to fruition. Americans love and cherish the Wild Horses and Burros; the horses need a new organization to manage them. The public does not trust this organization from past scenarios of sending them to slaughter houses….remember Tom Davis? I’m sure you have not forgotten either.( How could we? yes they were found guilty of selling federally protected wild horses and burros to Tom Davis; well-known Kill-Buyer. The BLM claimed they had no idea that the animals were going to be sold for slaughter. More lies as they had done business with Tom Davis before. The BLM received no fines, nothing. The taxpayers only received more lies. This of course is government justice. What about those horses? Between 2008 and 2012, La Jara rancher and livestock hauler Tom Davis bought 1,794; now figure out how much he paid and his profits. The horses were sold for $25.00 a piece lets say (selling authority price) $44,850 Davis supposedly paid; then took them to slaughter where they are paid by the pound….75 cents to 1.50 per pound. Horses can range up to 1,000 lbs. For ease of understanding this; 1,794 horses @ 1000 lbs. each equals: 1,794,000 x 1.50 per lb. =$2,691,000 Dollars. Quite the profit for Mr. Davis, and illegal. No money was returned, nothing happened to Mr. Davis, he is living his life $2,691,000 dollars richer…..or…..was the money split up between the parties? Only the Bureau of Land Management and Tom Davis would know. One thing is for sure; American Wild Horses and Burros mean nothing to this organization…..never have……never will.


Author: Wilderness Mustangs

Dedicated to the protection and survival of American Wild Mustangs and Burros. Through education of their issues on and off the ranges in the Western United States; our goals are to make these majestic animals safe from slaughter and extinction.

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