Native American Horses, Not Feral, Not Livestock…..

Now wouldn’t it be so much better if at least the Bureau of Land Management was more of an office that you could make sense of? I mean honestly, they say they care about the Wild Horses and Burros but do nothing short of issuing death notices for them. When they cater to the livestock industry and call Wild Horses livestock, I don’t know how you all feel but for me… is an insult to these animals that have been here longer than any of us! millions of years. If I hear “Feral” one more time! it is their favorite name to call them when issuing those death notices as if its makes it all okay! it doesn’t…..all it does is confuse the public and of course that is what they want to accomplish. You especially will hear and read about those definitions of Wild Horses in their notices and editorials that just want to remind us all that they are not native wildlife, they are like the cattle/livestock… be treated like livestock, shot or shocked in the head like livestock, and slaughtered like livestock. Wild Horses are Native Wildlife in America, it has been proven over and over again, and still you will not hear the Bureau of Land Management give them the title they scientifically own. Now one way of looking at this is that they really do not want to associate them with the word “Native” because they would have to protect them! like the sage grouse or other hunting trophies out West. That is the real reason, none other. That has been proven also, it also is the reason why we can’t get them on any endangered species list. Then again, this government in place in this period of time does not want the endangered species list at all and all species are in danger of no longer being protected, at least if they have it their way.  Equus Callibus, a part of America, this earth; for millions of years…..still must fight for their freedom, their place in our hearts; they are worth protecting for us Americans, for pexels-photo-459124.jpegour future generations….just not worth it to those who manage them. Prove me wrong. I dare anyone that can show me how they have managed the West to protect this species; it just isn’t there. The history will only show how land has been taken away, unheard of experiments being done on them, and a slow road to extinction but even with this they are accelerating the slow death theory, now they just want to outright kill them all. How disgusting this all really is……sorry calling them names won’t help….I’ve already tried it! It does seem to help a little though?, a few choice names I can share with you, if you should need them; but…..I get the feeling you all have a few of your own. Till next time……




Author: Wilderness Mustangs

Dedicated to the protection and survival of American Wild Mustangs and Burros. Through education of their issues on and off the ranges in the Western United States; our goals are to make these majestic animals safe from slaughter and extinction.

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