Rose Colored Glasses


brown horse eating grass on a field
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Do we only see what we want to see; hear what we want to hear? or keep believing that Wild Horses will be with us forever? The Bureau of Land Management is a government agency and this in itself makes protection of these laws that are important to the species protection almost impossible to protect from manipulation. This is exactly what has happened in the past and what is happening now. The 1971 act that finally after years of Wild Horse abuse protected these animals from slaughter and kept them safe is now dismantled; what took years of fighting for has been torn apart to suit human greed and human lack of integrity.  This government agency that has earned the public’s mistrust, where no transparency is to be seen; no public comments are taken seriously;  and now threats upon threats of accelerating extinction from using sterilization as a form of population control? The Bureau does not work with the public, bottom line. We all do what we can and call our representatives to try to change the injustices done by lawmakers in Congress, Appropriations Committees, and whoever else is working on the disruption of real animal welfare. American Mustangs are in more danger today than ever before in their history, only this time the outcome that is wanted by the Bureau of Land Management is not population control, simply what they want is to destroy the species……..forever. The slow road to their destruction using chemical controls such as PZP isn’t fast enough so they want to go to the next step of sterilization and slaughter. So take off those rose-colored glasses; time is running out for the Wild Mustangs the intentions are to kill them off; it’s time to fire the Bureau as caretakers of America’s Mustangs. Our Horses deserve an organization that cares, looks out for their best interest, and works with protection not extinction. We are quickly moving past the point of no return. See this for what it is, extinction………not population control.