Wild Horse Sterilizations

So here we are once again……..Sterilizing Wild Horses has been on the agenda of this government since 2016. The Bureau of Land Management wanted to do this then and were right back to the same old abusive suggestions. How do we get the Bureau to stop abusing America’s Wild Horses and Burros? More lawsuits? I think not. The real actions need to take place in Congress who mandates the laws of Wild Horse protections. It is Congress that is allowing their protections to be changed, disregarded, and ultimately allowing these forms of abuse to be considered. In this era where many wild animal protections are being tossed out for profits; America’s Wild Horses and Burros stand to be euthanized, sterilized, slaughtered,  and annihilated. The 2019 appropriations bill will be voted upon this September sometime when Congress is back in session, we have until then to convince the members in Congress to do what is right.  Now; it is in our opinion and all advocates that the 1971 act that protected these icons of American Freedom; be reinstated to the fullest. It certainly must rule out slaughter, euthanizations, and sterilization. The Bureau must begin to treat these animals as a priority and not the pests that they have come to call them. Wild Horses are native to American soil; their species should be protected and not abused. We also need good management, the stockpiling of these animals has created compensatory breeding, so in actuality if there appears to be a population issue, which is debatable in itself; this situation would correct itself by releasing these animals back onto their mandated public land. The Bureau has taken away their land for the ranching communities, the horrific roundups enacted continuously not to reduce their populations but to move in more livestock and give those resources for grazing of cattle and sheep. These animals have never been treated fairly and with respect by the Bureau of Land Management; they have created a problem while lieing about their numbers, lieing about their sales to kill buyers, so many injustices have been dealt out over the years. All we can do right now is call our Representatives in Congress, if this doesn’t work? protesters will  be knocking on their door…..because these are America’s horses, you own them America, you must protect them or…………they will be gone from our countries public lands and you will see only cattle feed lots. Please call your Representatives in Congress today, be their voice and be heard.

Author: Wilderness Mustangs

Dedicated to the protection and survival of American Wild Mustangs and Burros. Through education of their issues on and off the ranges in the Western United States; our goals are to make these majestic animals safe from slaughter and extinction.

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