Wild Horses, and Wild Times


We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy, this year has been to say the least… overwhelming for all. It’s good to be back on our blog after many months of focusing on social media to reach more folks and the urgency of our message. American Wild Mustangs and Burros over the past year have been removed by the thousands as well as sterilizations ready to begin in Utah; supposedly this November but have not heard of any updated information. Sadly most of the completed roundups on the herd management areas of the western states have removed herds to unviable levels; meaning their chances of survival have been reduced even further. As a species that originated in North America, their protections appear to be non-existent to the Bureau of Land Management, the Interior, and the administration of the United States. Land grabs of the public domain for resources of oil, water rights, grazing, and malls appear to be the priority. It’s just not the horses and burros suffering; for wolves, bears, birds, coyotes, and all protected species of the Endangered Species Act remain uncertain. There are lawsuits against these actions by various institutions that are fighting against the insanity; we wonder if and when change happens…..what will be done? A complete reversal is needed to undo the harm to our Nations Wildlife, her Forests, her Water, her Land, and her People. Stay safe everyone, stay strong, there is nothing we cannot do when we do it together with compassion.

#Stoptheroundups, #Stopthesterilizations, #WildFreedom, #NewDirections

Photo by juan mendez on Pexels.com
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