Dedicated to the education and protection of the United States Wild Mustang, this blog will provide updated information to promote the humane treatment of the horses affected. Links to other helpful websites and blogs will be included to ensure a consistent visit for education and updates on ethical and legal information of the current issues surrounding Wild Mustangs and their imminent future. The intent is to help others understand the issues, and the resources available to them.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. You have undertaken a challenging but worthy goal. The Bureau of Land Management is removing our wilderness mustangs rapidly and stealthily in an attempt to avoid public outcry and lawsuits aimed at slowing or stopping it. The agency works hard to justify the need for more and more removals, most of which occur in very remote areas and at which the public is denied access. The result is that even people who are concerned about the welfare of our mustangs have difficulty tracking all important developments.


    1. Thank-you Vivian, I really appreciate you also and the work that you do. I am determined to help as much as I possibly can, they are being destroyed slowly but surely. Education is important and I honestly think that allot of people don’t really know where to turn to for help. Hopefully I will be able to make a difference here. Thanks again:)


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