What a beautiful word. To me it possesses everything that I truly love passionately in my life ; the lives that are denied love or comfort in this material world of ours. Often we see daily now people who need our compassion, to understand them, to help them, and even save them from all types of atrocities. The animals, so many of them neglected, abused, thrown away like everyday garbage unworthy of anyones love or attention. Today I am thinking about how compassion has a place in the lives of the 100,000 Wild Horses and Burros the Bureau of Land Management has proposed to kill. Honestly in my wildest dreams I never thought that in such a civilized country; this agency would even suggest killing these majestic animals. Stripped of their Freedom to make room for cattle and sheep; and now they must die? How un-compassionate can one get you ask? well they certainly are going to set a fine example for American youth now won’t they. Now… can say allot for compromises and personally I think that Americans have been very patient with the agency; they are known for their lies concerning the Wild Horse population for so long now it fly’s past the average person as a truth. The numbers they put out on AML (appropriate management levels) is so ridiculous that you have to sit back and just laugh in dismay at just how stupid they really think we are. In fact there is no humor in the ridiculousness; for me only profound sadness; because they want these animals off of public land no matter what it takes. That in itself is sad when you think about the West; how we began this country on their backs. All Americans must be heard on this issue, whether you are compassionate or not……do you believe in doing what is right? in our opinion and our compassion the right thing to do is give these horses back their land that was taken away. Wild Horses use only 10% of the nations public land resources, the cattle industry ranchers takes the rest.

Now that you know that; isn’t it right?



So now what is in your Black Magic Bag?

The Black Magic Bag….the one that I often refer to is of course the Bureau of Land Managements expertise in #WildHorsemanagement and lack thereof. So the question of immediate concern is the current spew that is putting everyone in a tailspin and rightfully so. Slaughtering 100,000 Wild Horses….Really??!! what is wrong with these people; they are completely devoid of any sense of public relations decency,  make up the story as they weave in and out of their lies, and….well fill in the blanks as we all have our own way of describing the enemy. Yes they are the enemy of Wild Horses and Burros and can you imagine how these horses are treated in their holding pens? well actually we all know the answers to that as well. We could sit here and list them all, with dates even; but hell what good would it do? they are the masters of the great disappearing act of the century. Never having to answer to anyone, or anything; and if they do you can bet your boots that they have been cleverly designed to outsmart, out-lie, and yes even trick you into believing what they say is the truth. I have heard some people state that everyone should treat them with respect and talk nicely because the BoLM will be more receptive to our suggestions, well hell….respect is a two way street people; personally I am way past the point of being nice; I want them to know how I feel and how the people of America feel when they want to kill all of America’s Wild Horses and Burros for the cattle industry! Its time to be mad and get the message across. America will no longer support this government agency with money that supports lies, cruelty to animals, or manipulation of the horses and citizens of the United States of America. WE own those public lands, WE own those Wild Horses and Burros; We want them released from those filthy holding pens and returned to their FREEDOM!!  Enough is enough, and the cattle industry can stop hitching a ride on taxpayers money and those billions of dollars can go towards taking care of American Wild Horses and Burros. Feel free to be nice to the enemy, me? ….You don’t want to know.

Sad Thoughts, Truth and Bewilderment

The Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act is a joke now a mere shadow of its former self, New amendments for the conveniences of removing the horses instead of protection. The Bureau of Land Management, political wizards of non-compliance; not telling the truth to the public or escorting America’s proud and free Wild Horses and Burros through back door slaughter agenda’s…..admitting it and then not even an apology to the tax payers that pay for the horses and put food on all those tables of BLM employees….the ranchers too, a part of the political big ag money making machine. What a shame that our Wild Horses and Burros are caught literally …..and subjected to this; removed from freedom to make room for more welfaring cattle, sheep, and birds. No, we don’t have anything against those animals, but hoarding the land for the livestock industry at the cost of OUR Wild Horses and Burros lives is not only wrong but disgusting. So not only has the management not changed in over 40+ Years, but the management has gotten even more cruel, the black magic bag contains their fondest wishes to come true at last; outright slaughter, sterilizations, and non-producing herds in their future. America’s Wild Horses and Burros, extinction is on its way. The West will no longer be the frontier it once was, no Wild Horses will reside there……spayed, gelded herds, will eventually die off. And then? One Happy Bureau of Land Management; the people we have all been paying millions to; to kill OUR WILD HORSES. God Bless America’s Wild Horses and Burros.

Where are all the Wild Horses?


The Wild Horse’s of America, are shut away in Bureau of Management (BLM) holding pens across the West and Midwest of the United States. They are certainly not where they are meant to be. No longer Wild and Free, the advocates for the Wild ponies of America continue to fight for their very existence. How could this have happened……….what happened to Wild Horse Annie’s federal law of 1971 that protected them? The Burns amendment overruled many protections in the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. This manipulation  of the bill offered the means to legally remove the wild ones from their homes, it also flung the doors wide open for their slaughter. Today I focus on petitions to change things, education for those that don’t follow the news; with the hopes of changing things for them. You see if something isn’t done soon America will lose their Wild Horses. The Blm now has shifted into high gear with  not only horse removals from the HMA’s (Herd Management Area’s) but now to a more sophisticated means of what might as well be reffered to as slaughter. Their use now of contraceptives (PZP) porcine zona pellucida, and surgeries for sterilization; will become the extinction of America’s beloved Wild Horses. This is the final part of the BLM’s project to destroy the Wild Horses from ever becoming a problem for them and the ranchers that they continually cater to. There is a way to stop this I keep telling myself, there has to be a way to beat the “system”. And there is………American’s must stand together and let their voices be heard as One! Advocates of all organizations, the public voices, and for the children that must have the Wild Horses of America today and for tomorrow must unite. To join in , this is a united effort to stop the slaughter of our Wild and Domestic Horses and close our borders for good. Date, Time, Place: September 29, 2015 at 10:00am. The meeting point will be in front of the USDA building at South Building 1400 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20250-9911. The march will be a planned route to the Capitol Building. Please join in this effort to convey to Congress in Washington the importance of America’s horses. This is a good beginning in the effort to protect the horses, the use of immunocontraceptives (pzp) and sterilizations is a current issue that is ongoing. I will continue to keep educating and posting information on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and of course WordPress. I know I haven’t written here for a long time but there is so much to do in keeping the Wild Horses Wild and Free. Until next time, do all you can for the Wild Ones.

Wild Mustang Removals

Its been awhile since I felt this compelled to write on my blog again, but with what the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is doing it was time to tell on them once again. In the link above the posting from the BLM lists all of the recent gathers they have completed. As you can see they are removing way too many of them. They have removed so many that now they are asking for the public to provide short-term holding facilities on private land. Of course, this in my and others opinion is to appease the cattle ranchers who recently threatened the government entity with removing the horses themselves and ultimately leading them to slaughter. That is exactly what was done……..please read If it wasn’t for this organization they would have all been slaughtered! The ranchers needs and wants are coming before the Wild Mustangs benefit. This is wrong for many reasons but the most important reason is that the Wild Mustang belongs there by heritage, by law….the cattle do not. If there is a drought in the west and there is competition for resources from all wild animal inhabitants; the answer is to remove the cattle that are outsourcing the land, leasing the right to graze on public land, and taking precedence over the rightful inhabitants. Protection for the Mustangs, remove the cattle. A simple solution that needs to be carried out. No renewed leases for ranchers, remove the problem; not the Mustangs.

So you think they are safe?

Its already Febuary 4, 2014. The wild mustangs are reportedly a mere 25,000 left on 41 million acres of Federal land according to the HSUS. The last update concerning their slaughter; slaughter has been halted by the Farm Bill that recently passed in the Senate. And so you think they are safe? Did you know that now instead of being slaughtered here in the United States they continue to be shipped out of the country to Mexico and Canada? Its a fact that cannot be ignored. This is why it is so important to keep helping our contacts in other countries that are trying to stop slaughter in their countries. It justifiably is the most compelling reason to not stop bringing this into the light and exposing what is happening to Equines and the beloved Mustangs everywhere in the world.
The horrific practice of slaughtering horses for export to Europe is a shameful state of affairs…….so shameful that those that are kill buyers need to be put out of business. It is wonderful that slaughter houses have been stopped from opening in the U.S.,…….when does the slaughter stop in other countries? When do the Mustangs and Burros really find protection? So many open-ended questions, and so many of them still being removed from their homes in Bureau of Land Management roundups. Thousands of wild mustangs crowded into holding pens, with no shelter and only a death sentence. They are torn apart from their families, mares separated from their colts, only the cold harsh winter wind greets them each day. Long gone are their days of rolling in the grass, swimming in the lakes, and grazing on the Federal land that was given to them….only to be taken away from them. Never give up the fight for freedom, their freedom.

images (3)mustang


My happiness over the recent horse slaughter openings being shut down for good is uncontrollable! Now the main focus needs to be on making sure that it stays that way for their protection now and in the future. My main focus will now be on supporting new ways and new resources on controlling the wild populations of mustangs without BLM’s culling practices, more resources for individuals that need help with re-homing their animals, and helping other organizations across the globe to help them stop horse slaughter that still continues as I speak. Senator Mary Landrieu proposed the Food Safety Act which in short would stop horse slaughter in the United States to never happen again as well as stopping the transport of any horses to slaughter into Canada and Mexico. This bill is desperately needed to be passed. Below you will find links to keep updated on this important bill.

Back to Business

So the Christmas holiday is over and I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends. Although through the busyness of the celebrations I never once forgot about my page;  I found myself stressing over the news of the slaughter plant opening in New Mexico.  It didn’t matter if it was the holidays….I carried on with making phone calls to the New Mexico governor who has the power to stop the opening of the slaughter house. The United States cannot allow this to happen, we cannot allow the inhumane treatment of our wild ones and companions. They are not only the horses that are old, sick, or already dying; they are healthy, beautiful animals that are being slaughtered for money. There are now lawsuits that have been filed to stop horse slaughter in New Mexico (see links below), and time is running out for thousands of wild horses. I for one cannot even look at any videos let alone even reading about what the horses go through on their way to slaughter, from my understanding they are awake when they are being slaughtered due to the ineffective means that are used to knock them out unconscious. Like I said, I cannot look at the videos but have read enough to know that there is NO HUMANE WAY TO SLAUGHTER HORSES. So I continue to fight along with the other intelligent, compassionate humans that know that every little bit helps when it comes to stopping this inhumane practice. The fight is long and not easy, but without our help the wild ones will be gone……forever.

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